Sunday, May 18, 2014

Thing 7

I have been using Pinterest for about a year I love it.  I love being able to share with my friends the posts I have saved, and to view what they have shared with me.  I love this app!

Thing 6

So I've been alway from the iPad for sometime now. I'm having to relearn all the wonderful applications all over again.  About two weeks ago I was at a friends house and we shared photos from our camera on her computer.  She was using a cloud app to store her pictures and share.  Today I played a bit with the three apps in Thing 6, and I'm excited they all have great applications.  I'm thankful for the opportunity that 23 mobile things has put together I would have never had the time to weed through all the apps out there to find the perfect one.  This has given me the opportunity to look for the features now that will suit my needs.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Thing 5

My most favorite thing so far.  These apps could find there way into my everyday use so easy. From doodling my nature journal to shopping lists, to dictation when my hands are busy. I may find a use for a smart phone yet.

Thing 4

We'll I tried both apps played with them I'm liking Zite over Flipboard it appears that It is more user friendly at least at this point. I sure can see the benifits of having those feeds going to one place rather then my looking for them.  When time is a factor this is a great app for the one shop stop.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Thing 3

I tried the Stand up app. It wouldn't work, so I moved on to the google search app and played with it all day.  I love the voice command.  Being new to all of this I just found out that I don't even need to type.  I can just hit the mic and speak and it is writing for me.  I will go back and revisit thing 2 because there was an adjustment that I can make so that it will understand my speech better.  I'm loving this.  It helps having my son who is a little less timid helping me.  I created my own folder and have my apps set there.  Moved them around from screen to screen to find the right spot.  I would really like to clean this iPad and put the apps into folders rather than have them scattered through out.  But it is not my iPad to do so, and with that said it is forcing me to watch what I'm doing more.

Thing 2

Found that could personalize the iPad have difficulty getting access to the control center with the protective case on the IPad.  Took my sons IPod touch and played with it as well.  As Adam I am fearing the apple less and less.

Friday, February 14, 2014

First of 23

This was so hard  with email address not working and the security on my network, I sure hope I learn more than frustration